What is perfect?

What is perfect to one, may seem absurd to another. Who’s to say that our own perception of perfection cannot be lived because boundaries and obstacles lie in our way? What grounds do we have to reach short of our goals because another person passed comment about their lessened idea of sublimity? Comparisons between two being’s idea of happiness can be the downfall of our success because we decide to listen to what they deem to be right and allow it to belittle our interpretation of how things should be.

We, as followers of the ever growing social media platform, become indulged in what society believes is a perfect vision of something. A perfect attitude, a perfect presence, a perfect body, a perfect relationship. So much so, that eventually we lose sight of our original dream and sit closely with the people that believe ‘far-fetched’ is even a thing.

So, back to being open minded… by this I mean that everybody has the potential to reach what they deem to be perfect in life. All we have to do is realise that we as human beings, created the umbrella term based off something, someone, or somewhere bringing us the utmost happiness and satisfaction. If we created it, we can decide what it means for us individually. Nobody owns the idea of perfection, nobody can tell us what it means, what it portrays, what something has to be to reach the criteria of perfection. What I guess i’m trying to say is, if you think something is perfect, then you are correct. If you think something hasn’t quite reached your idea of perfection and you want to work on it, adjust it, make changes to it… you are also correct. Stop letting other people tell you what you do and don’t think is perfect.

Your relationship will always be different to the next person’s, that doesn’t mean it can’t be perfect to you. Your home will always be different to somebody else’s, that doesn’t mean it can’t be perfect for you. Your fashion sense may differ from somebody else’s, that doesn’t mean you don’t look equally as amazing. Your car, your handbag, your nails or hair will be different to somebody you see on social media, that doesn’t mean you aren’t eligible to be admired or happy.

Somebody who constantly chases the next best thing, will never be satisfied within their current situation. Take a step back and appreciate what you have. Turn negatives into positives. The sooner we all stop chasing the idea of perfection, the happier we will all be.

Letting go

The art of life is letting go.

There comes a time in your life, where you’re forced to let go of a soul, a memory or a long history, with a person you never imagined your life without. A time that is inevitable no matter how hard you try to avoid it, run from it, fight it. I am here to tell you, that it is ok. This part of your life is ok. Accept it, embrace it.

Letting go is not a sign of weakness, or the showing of a lessened love. it is an action taken to prevent further despair, to allow room for growth and new found happiness. The process is daunting, it attacks your heart and your mind, damages your ability to feel and see clearly. Letting go means accepting the past for what it has been, and what the future may never be, accepting defeat against your efforts and making space for change (something a lot of us struggle to manage). We struggle to let go because admitting why, shines a light on where things went wrong. it invites thoughts about how you could’ve been different, if you could’ve prevented it, could have been better? Failure is hardwired in us as humans to feel negative – this doesn’t have to be the case.

We struggle because up until the point of letting go, we had never envisaged a life that doesn’t involve the being that comes to mind whilst reading this post. We struggle because when somebody touches you in a way that changes your life, enlightens your very day and introduces you to a happiness never before experienced, you’re forced to allow a part of yourself to leave with them – a part of yourself you’ve grown fond of. Somebody that without the creator, because merely an idea. It takes courage to separate from not only the person you love, but the part of yourself that they helped you discover and fall in love with. A part of you, that without them, doesn’t exist.

We need to recalculate our minds to function without them. We did it before them, we can do it after them. Life is a series of battles, some sent to defeat us, some sent to test us beyond belief… but all sent to better us, strengthen us and build us into the people we have to potential to be. You just have to believe it. Manifest your wellness and don’t let anybody take power over your happiness.